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In addition to our products we provide the following services

Contract milling

We offer you the service to mill your clayey raw material according to your specification.

Contract packaging

We can also fill your pulverized material in Big-Bags and in paper bags.

Soil reception / landfill

In our pit "Auf dem Kreuz" we accept uncontaminated soil material according to the classification values Z0/Z0*.
Before delivery, we require a soil analysis including a sampling protocol for approval of the construction site. Please note our acceptance criteria and the responsible declaration.
For further information, please contact Ms Kathrin Weyel, tel. 02736/50974930,

Acceptance criteria for excavated soil (PDF-Download)

Responsible declaration for delivery (PDF-Download)

To optimise transport, we offer the collection of our bulk goods as return freight from the same location.

Truck weighing

At our mainseat in Burbach, Liebenscheider Str. 40, you can weigh your truck. Please ask our plant manager for prices and opening times, Tel. 02736/50974940.