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Our Quality management affects the whole process chain from extraction to dispatch of the product.

On base of geoelectric explorations and core drillings we examine our deposits and rate them by different qualities. While extracting the clay batchwise we select different qualities and ensure the homogenity of the raw material. The analysis of clay samples from the fresh clay wall as well as during the storing process ensures constant properties of each quality.

Sample taking during the milling process, building of random samples and safe-keeping of retained samples guarantee an on-going quality control in our milling plant. According to our material data sheets and on special cutomer’s requirements we analyze various parameters, partially with external labs.

Typical parameters are:

Our company has a defined quality policy and is certified acc. to ISO EN 9001:2015. In the context of the certification we have established a continuous improvement process which concerns the whole process chain of the entire company. As Quality Manager Mr. Arndt Nikolaus Loh is available for your questions (Tel. +49 2736/5097490).

We are certified according to ISO EN 9001:2015!