Tonbergbau und Kaolinbergbau - Environment - Theodor Stephan KG


Resource-preserving mining and recultivation on behalf of the environment

We are aware that mining of raw materials means a substantial interference to the landscape, fauna and flora.

Therefore prior to any mining activities a concept is created in cooperation with external planners, residents, official authorities, ecologists and landowners which ensures the successive recultivation of the area after the extraction. In this concept protected plants and species are considered. The experience shows that mining offers many protected species new attractive habitats and contributes to their surviving. The verbalized concept is debated and discussed in an official procedure led by the mining authorities and gets finally approved with a mining permission. An on-going ecological supervision by external planners and environment authorities ensures the compliance of the agreed duties.

While the extraction and preparation of the raw materials in our milling plant we pay attention to the minimization of dust, waste and noise emissions and comply with all legal limits. The on-going modernization of our preparation facilities and the earth-moving equipment accompanied with the consumption of less energy contribute to resource-preservation. Clay particle contaminated waters are cleaned in modern sedimentation basins without reaching public waters. Frequent controls via standardized sample drawing chambers ensure the compliance with legal limits.

The resource-preserving extraction of our deposits is in the interest of the environment as well as of our customers who we want to offer our particular raw materials for the coming decades. Clay and kaolin are used for countless applications in our daily life. Starting with roof tiles, tiles, sanitaryware, tableware and not ending with ecological colors they are natural raw materials for healthy and enduring products which can be easily disposed after their lifecycle.