Tonbergbau und Kaolinbergbau - Deposits - Theodor Stephan KG


Today we operate the clay deposits “Auf dem Kreuz” near Burbach/ Northrhine-Westphalia and “Augusta-Oelkaut” near Oberbrechen and Selters in the Taunus region.

Clay Deposit “Auf dem Kreuz”

The clay deposit „Auf dem Kreuz“ is the only one in South Westphalia and is located at the border of the Westerwald region close to the border triangle Northrhine-Westphalia, Rheinland-Palatinate and Hesse. Already since the 1920ies the wellknown white firing shale clay „Kreuzton“ gets extracted here. It is a primary deposit where the raw material has been generated in situ preserved by a 15-30m thick basalt layer versus errosion. A long-term mining permission ensures the raw material supply for the coming decades.

Clay Deposit “Augusta-Oelkaut”

The clay deposit „Augusta-Oelkaut“ is also a primary deposit where raw kaolins get extracted since the 1950ies. These raw kaolins get fine-milled in our milling plant in Burbach and are used for many non-ceramic applications as functional fillers. Also this deposit ensures delivery reliability for decades.