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About us

Our company, Theodor Stephan KG, was established 1902 by Theodor Stephan Sen. in Essen/ Ruhr. The activities were the operation of sand deposits for casting applications, the preparation of furnace slags for road construction and the trade with mineral products for the construction industry.

With the acquisition of the mining concession for the clay deposits “Stoss” 1919 and “Auf dem Kreuz” 1938 we entered the area of special clays for the ceramic and refractory industry. The business unit clay became independent after World War II, was relocated to the town Haiger/ Hesse and was managed by Theodor Stephan Jun.. The expansion of the preparation facilities in both deposits lead 1969 to the installation of the first Pfeiffer bowl-mill-crusher in the clay industry, which was able to produce dust-dry powder. During the 1970ies both deposits were changed from deep-mining to surface-mining. 1979 we acquired the deposit “Augusta” where raw kaolin gets extracted, which is used for non-ceramic applications.

Today the company is lead in 3rd and 4th generation by Iris Loh-Stephan and Arndt Nikolaus Loh. The expansion of the deposits as well as the development of the product portfolio and preparation facilities in accordance to customer’s needs are our motivation. We hereby always act according to legal standards, safety guidelines, the environment and on behalf of our employees. We are certified to ISO EN 9001:2015 and take part at the project ÖKOPROFIT of the state Northrhine-Westphalia.