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Competent in clay mining and grinding

Welcome to Theodor Stephan KG, your supplier of the finest raw materials, obtained from our own clay mining operations. For generations we have been operating raw material deposits in Burbach / NRW and in Selters / Hesse. In addition, we have specialised in the production of clay-like defined powders, which serve various ceramic and non-ceramic purposes. We are also a reliable service provider for contract grinding and contract packaging of your clay-type raw materials.

More about Theodor Stephan KG

A wide range of products can be manufactured with clay, kaolin and bentonite.

Our product range meets the highest level of demand in terms of raw materials for mineral and ceramic applications. Theodor Stephan KG supplies various special clays, shale clays, engobe and glaze clays, bentonites, kaolins, clays and loams in raw, earth-moist and dried powder form. Further information about the individual products can be found on the respective data sheets. Of course, we are also at your disposal for advice.


Our raw materials: Suitable for the production of tiles, clinker & more!

Our raw materials can be used for numerous ceramic and non-ceramic applications. Depending on the application, we have the right raw material for you: this could be tiles, clinker, cachepots, adhesives, rubber or even cosmetics or tasks in civil engineering. Or something completely different. Just give us a call!